Acting Out Justice

A unique, participatory workshop that uses drama to explore the concepts of Restorative Justice. Your group will be transported back in time, to 1974, in the recently vandalized community of Elmira, ON. Two men have been apprehended and you must decide their fate!

• Play drama activities from Augusto Boal’s “Games for actors and non-actors”

• Compare the “three questions” asked by Restorative and Punitive justice

• Learn the historic roots of Sentencing Circles, based on First Nation’s philosophies

• Recreate real life characters from small town Elmira using a “Character Walk”

• Experience how Sentencing Circles work first hand, participating in a dramatic reenactment


The purpose of the workshops was to have youth see the effects of criminal behavior and open them up to a the philosophy and practices of Restorative Justice… all were very involved.
— Michael Veenema, Nova Scotia Dept. of Justice, Youth Corrections
[Acting out Justice] was a fun, thought-provoking, informative and interactive exploration. It communicates to people of all ages and levels of experiences and the skilled facilitators help participants to connect with the stories and struggles of restorative justice.
— Peter Haresnape, CPT, Peacemaker Corps.