Based on a true story, “Gadfly: Sam Steiner Dodges the Draft” tells the captivating true story of a Mennonite rebel, his underground newspaper, and the war that changed his life forever.

This thought-provoking, original drama follows the experiences of Sam Steiner (an American draft dodger); from marching with MLK Jr., to being chased by the Feds, “Gadfly” follows the struggle of a young man determined to make sense of his beliefs amidst the political realities of the day.


Written and Directed by Rebecca Steiner

Playwright Dramaturg Johnny Wideman

Commissioned by Conrad Grebel University College and the Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario.


A thought-provoking piece that deals with conflicts that are still relevant today.
— The Charlebois Post, Montreal
— VUE Weekly, Edmonton
Kudos for Gadfly…the well-crafted script, the elegant stage craft and solid acting in this show.
— Plank Magazine, Vancouver
[This] story will inspire further generations to work for peace and justice.
— The Canadian Mennonite
Philosophical, religious, and conscientious conflicts…Great performance all around.
— Converge Magazine