Gestus like the rest of us

Bertolt Brecht was a German political theatre practitioner who found it strange that people didn't seem to notice the injustice around them. He created a unique style of acting that emphasized the social status of a character to get audiences thinking, rather than feeling. 

In Gestus Like the Restus you'll participate in some of the same acting exercises Brecht himself led his actors through: 

• The Car Accident Reenactment (An exercise used to teach the concept of "astonishment" and demonstrate how audiences place blame on characters)

• Status Stroll (Using Gestus [or the physical embodiment of social status] to build a character) 

• The Photo Exercise (Creating tableau scenes to show the social status of every character)


They LOVED IT! Amazing feedback! [One student] said, “I can’t believe how amazing that was.” I thought so too!
— -Jill Howard (Henry Street High School)