Selah’s Song is an original, heartwarming musical about a young girl whose courage inspired a village, and whose song became an anthem for peace.

Selah, a burgeoning songwriter, is excited to hear that her father is coming home from the war in West Candling. But, the joy of having her family reunited is short lived when a harsh War Tax is started instead. Inundated with catchy pro-war propaganda songs, Selah is inspired to share her own music with the village, creating some competition for the King.


Written by Johnny Wideman

Directed by Rebecca Steiner

Composed by Bryan Moyer Suderman/SmallTall Music

Produced by Community Mennonite Church Stouffville in partnership with Nineteen on the Park Theatre

Selah’s Song shows how the community can band together and make a difference…The performance makes the audience wonder if something as simple as song can effect change in the world.
— Canadian Mennonite