Making Strange for Social Change

Bertolt Brecht was a German political theatre practitioner who found it strange that people don't seem to notice the injustice around them. He created a unique style of theatre to make these things stand out just a little bit more.

Making Strange for Social Change looks at Epic Theatre, "Verfremdungseffekt" (or the making strange technique) and using theatre as a tool for social change. Your group will:

• Discuss social status and the effect it has on how we view each

• Learn Gestus (physical embodiments of social status) and it can be used to develop a character

• Explore the tools of "Verfremdungseffekt" and use them to create an Epic Theatre fairy tale


My students loved the workshop… Best drama class so far this semester.
— Yvonne Freundl (Drama Teacher, St. Boniface Diocesan High School)
Very professional and energetic and wow, were they able to accomplish a lot in the mere 55 minutes I was able to give them.
— Carrie Gillis (Drama Teacher, Miles Macdonell Collegiate)
The workshop was interactive, informative and it meant so much to the youth to see arts professionals living their dreams and really making a vocation out of their justice work.
— Devon Spier (Peace Camp Coordinator, Conrad Grebel University College)