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Production Credits

Director: Matt White
Dramaturg: Johnny Wideman
Stage Manager: Chad Dembski

Playwrights: Alison Brookins,
Jonathan Brower, Joy De Vito
Carolyn (Charlie) Gray, Gary Kirkham,
Megan Piercey Monafu, Hillary Rexe

2018 Autumn Cast

Meghan Fowler
Brendan Kinnon
Lindsey Middleton
Robert Murphy

Artfully depicted through a variety of scenes and relationships, #ChurchToo explores the struggle of wading into the realities of sexual assault and examines the difficulties of speaking out in a community where the topic of sex is often considered taboo. Follow an array of characters through seven vignettes, each bringing to life stories about hidden trends within our church communities. From the secret relationship of a young woman and her pastor, to discriminatory church policies, all the way to bringing forth allegations against persons in power, #ChurchToo illuminates the messy dynamics that accompany the complicated truths of power and sexual abuse.

Content Advisory: #ChurchToo deals with sexual misconduct, abuse, and assault. Not recommended for audiences under the age of 14. 


This play was commissioned by Mennonite Church Eastern Canada, and is sponsored by Mennonite Central Committee Canada, with support from Mersyergy Charitable Foundation and the Jim & Lorna Blair Foundation.

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This Will Lead to Dancing

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Playwright: Johnny Wideman
Director: Erin Brandenburg
Dramaturge: Steven Gallagher
Stage Manager: Leah Harder


Ellen Reesor
Kimberlee Walker
AJ O'Grady
Benjamin Wert
Johnny Wideman

Teenagers Sam and Alex are sick and tired: they're tired of their church's exclusive stance on homosexuality, and sick due to a week-long hunger strike to protest it. But when word finally gets out, it becomes clear that their cause has struck a chord in their small Mennonite community. Crowds begin gathering outside their church, national news crews begin following the story, and Sam is visited by the ghost of Menno Simons, who claims he has been sent to help her. Awaiting their church's decision, Sam and Alex must decide whether sticking up for a community who has been spiritually starved is worth the risk of physically starving themselves.

Yellow Bellies

Yellow Bellies is an historical drama that highlights the experiences and public response to Mennonite Conscientious Objectors during WWII. This episodic tale takes audiences across Canada, featuring verbatim interviews, fictionalized scenes, and live music from an often overlooked chapter of Canadian history.


Playwrights: Johnny Wideman & Rebecca Steiner
Directors: Andy Houston & Rebecca Steiner
Stage Manager: Leah Harder


Johnny Wideman
Benjamin Wert
Kimberlee Walker

Band: Fred Martin, Dwight Steinman, Dave Neufeld, Brent Klassen, Jim Bender, Bruce Bechtel.

Forgiven /Forgotten

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Playwright & Director: Johnny Wideman
Original Score: Jason McDowell
Stage Manager: Leah Harder


Kimberlee Walker
Rebecca Steiner
Benjamin Wert
Johnny Wideman

A stranger in need, a community in turmoil, an offender in their midst.

When a family finds out that an offender will be serving his parole in their community, they are forced to choose between closing their doors or reaching out to those in need.

“Forgiven/Forgotten” is a fast paced, heart-wrenching drama that examines how our culture responds to those affected by crime.

Commissioned by Mennonite Central Committee Ontario Restorative Justice Program