The Art of Peace

This interactive workshop will explore creativity (thinking outside the box) as a tool for making social change. Through historic, global and personal case studies, students will come to understand peace building as an “art” that often calls for a creative approach.

Engaging theatre, facilitated discussion, role playing scenarios and interactive simulation games will empower participants to harness their own creative potential for a more peaceable world.

• Students will explore the idea of peace-building as an art form that requires a creative approach

• Students will gain awareness of the work of various artist/activists world-wide who use their passions for social justice

• Students will be given the opportunity to practice non-violent responses to conflict, as well as act out responses through forum theatre


We were so thrilled that Theatre of the Beat was able to join us once again for our High School Peace Day. [The facilitators] created unique and student-centered activities that kept students engaged as they explored art and peace. It was great to see students smiling, thinking, and working collaboratively!
— Jessica White, Recruitment and Conference Coordinator, Conrad Grebel University College